Which network attack is mitigated by enabling BPDU guard?

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Which network attack is mitigated by enabling BPDU guard?

  • rogue switches on a network
  • rogue DHCP servers on a network
  • MAC address spoofing
  • CAM table overflow attacks

    There are several recommended STP stability mechanisms to help mitigate STP manipulation attacks:

    • PortFast – used to immediately bring an interface configured as an access or trunk port to the forwarding state from a blocking state. Applied to all end-user ports.
    • BPDU guard – immediately error-disables a port that receives a BPDU. Applied to all end-user ports.The receipt of BPDUs may be part of an unauthorized attempt to add a switch to the network.
    • Root guard – prevents a switch from becoming the root switch. Applied to all ports where the root switch should not be located.
    • Loop guard – detects unidirectional links to prevent alternate or root ports from becoming designated ports. Applied to all ports that are or can become nondesignated.

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